Monday, September 1, 2008

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And this that was the second Strei ... "almost"!

DNF - Did Not Finish, much remains in the list of results by the Podo 2008 Long Distance. Classic "Podersdorf - sch ** ß on it". At least officially, unofficially of course, much more.

But from the beginning - with some "Leason learned:

was 13:07:08 in the country distance Roth 11:49 gefinished, so far so good. Unfortunately, even with the old Canyon, as the new Argon18 a delivery time of 6 months (instead announced 6 weeks) had.

05:08:08 doctor: Listen to lungs and antibiotics, after 2 weeks of heavy cough and sore throat has increased but then won the reason.

12:08:08 After treatment with appropriate medication all ok, training hours since Roth: 6:00

14:08:08 pm - text message from Papa that new Argon18 has arrived, perfect! With direct tapering it comes out ... for Podo

14:08:08 Registration Sportpayment - Strategic Air Command, no idea how it will end.

16:08:08 relapse - colds and coughs again belong to the everyday

17:08:08 Radtransportkarton collection of Dad, unfortunately, just watches out the broken hub of the front of the box.

18:08:08 complaint of damage in transit, a new VR is sent

22:08:08 The first 30 minutes on the new Argon18, Thanks to Snick for the loan of a Ksyrium front wheel. Geometry is the same after a few corrections.

25/08/2008 The new HED Jet60 front arrives, the new pedals as well. The new cleat plates for cycling shoes can not be assembled. Positive: The cold and cough are gone!

8/27/2008 exit of old pedals, but otherwise completely new bike 1 hours 45 minutes with some increases in the Lobau - The final phase, the 3-day tapering begins. 08/28/2008

can After processing the mounting screws, the new cleats.

morning 29/08/2008 - Last Exit to roll in the morning, 30 minutes - all "fits" (at least after 30min)
training hours since Roth: 10h30 (for 7 weeks, perhaps a bit too much ...)

08/29/2008 evening - Registration, Air Command became public, Snick and km-studs have a little credibility watched * *

8.30 .08 D-Day 04:45 to 07:29

As usual - getting up, eating, loading, installing, check-in facilities, transition zone, handle small and large side-by physical need, neoprene wear, arrive in the swim start area. What is different from the previous 4 long distances ..? Well, technically weather we have experienced a lot, but what is offered in Podo was new: overcast, 20 ° - perfect, would be not for the wind. Actually, not so strong, but as we know, the Neusiedlersee a steppe and very susceptible to wind. The bottom line, we were 1.20 to 1.40m in the water and found ourselves faced with waves of 50cm height ...

7:30 start for swimming - for me about 15 minutes until the first buoy

07:45 The unusual vertical movement of the body during the swim I was "seasickness" and just getting up and (illegal) "walking" or rather wading and appropriate breaks helped my stomach does not eject the contents of the breakfast above. From now on, up to 20-30 crawl strokes were possible.

08:05 Finally on land, minutes after 1:35, with 2.5k treading water in the legs and a very upset stomach ... What that means is, well - we'll see soon at the wheel. performed

08:10 At rest the transition and onto the bike course.

Ca. 10:00 After 60 km shows the effects of the disease past, the extra unit leg muscle strain treading water, a bad stomach and almost virtually no rehearsal and retracted wheel ... Fatal!

Ca. 13:45 Just before the end of the 3rd Round, at about 120km, it is clear now I run a marathon ... more

Ca 14:00 The final round is under way, 135km are rolled down. Only 45km, so 1:45 'roll. "

15:42 with a total time of 8:06 I roll into the living room, turn of the wheel, take off my cycling shoes, helmet, cycling gloves and compression connector, 3 times Breathe deep and go in slippers to the competition judges ...

15:48 The famous last words in long distance triathlon athletes Austria Christian Prince: "Sign me from the competition, task number 180"


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